Last updated December 2017

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Warning: This Drug May Kill You (2017 – HBO): director of photography
Heroin: Cape Cod, USA (2015 – HBO): co-producer, camera
The Hunting Ground (2015 – CNN): additional cinematography
Code: Debugging the Gender Gap (2015): camera operator
T-Rex (2015 – PBS): camera operator, assistant editor
Hot to Trot (2017): camera operator
The Life Equation (2016): camera operator
The Destruction of Memory (2016): camera operator
First Friday (2015 – PBS): camera operator


Facebook – Shaibu (co-pilot, 2017): director
Facebook – Charles (co-pilot, 2017): director
Mesocare Lawyers (Persistence of Vision – 2016): director of photography
Genentech Oncology Institute 2016 (Studio B – 2016): director of photography
ICA: Red Bay Coffee – Solomon and Keba (Werehaus – 2015): director of photography
Gilead 2014 Annual Review (Tolleson – 2015): camera operator
Mothercoders (2015): director of photography
Wholesome Bakery Saves the World (2014): director, producer, director of photography, editor
Apple: Making a Difference. One App at a Time. (Slim Pictures – 2013): camera operator


She’s the Ticket – Episode 105: Christine Lui Chen (2017 – Topic, production company Left/Right): producer/cinematographer
Can This Water Park Make Fun More Inclusive? (2017 – New York Times): cinematographer
Can Texting Save Lives? (2017 – New York Times): cinematographer
Betting on Trump: Water (2017 – Frontline): director of photography
Even in Darkness (2016): director of photography
Food + Water (2016): director of phogotaphy
KQED Arts: San Francisco’s City Hall Illustrated by Jeremy Fish (2015 – PBS): director of photography
Are Police Reforms Changing Cop Culture Inside the LAPD? (2015 – Frontline): director of photography
VICE SPORTS MEETS Stevie Williams: From Homeless Kid to Skate Mogul (2015 – VICE): director of photography
Great Schools: Parenting Styles – When Parents Disagree (2015 – Great Schools): director of photography
Great Schools: Chore Wars – Through a Parent’s Eyes (2015 – Great Schools): director of photography
How to Teach Empathy to Preschoolers (2015 – Great Schools): director of photography
The Shopper Bus (2015 – The New Yorker): camera operator
Underground Wrestling is Extreme and Unreal (2015 – AJ+): director of photography
Beautiful by Night (2014 – indie): director of photography
Stickup Kid (2014 – Frontline): director of photography, co-producer, additional editing
Lorenzo (2014): director, producer, director of photography
The Hidden Sentence (2014): director, producer, director of photography
Marie’s Dictionary (2014): director of photography
Altered State: Colorado’s Marijuana ‘Green Rush’ (2014 – AJ+): director of photography
Oklahoma Shaking (2014 – AJ+): director of photography
Is School Enough? Supplemental Stories (2013 – PBS): director of photography
Spoken Word Poetry Empowers Users to Use Authentic Voices
How Design Thinking Can Empower Young People
How Gardening Enables Interdisciplinary Learning
Constructive Sustainable Houses Develops Collaborative Skills
How Making Robots Captivates Kids’ Imaginations
Internship Offers Meaningful Real-World Learning
How Building a Car Can Drive Deeper Learning
California is a Place: Superman (2013): assistant editor

One Day in the American City (2016 – PBS): field producer, camera operator
CNN Heroes: Sherri Franklin (2016 – CNN): director of photography
Faultlines (2013 – Al Jazeera): director of photography, School-to-Prison Pipeline, Women Behind Bars
Time of Death (2013 – Showtime): camera operator, season 1, episode 2
Is School Enough? (2013 – PBS): camera operator
Inside Man (2014 – Morgan Spurlock for CNN): assistant camera, season 1, episode 1
Live from the Artists Den (2013 – PBS): camera operator, The Wallflowers
Soundtracks: Music Without Borders (2012 – PBS): camera operator